We provide service in Jonkoping land and its surround area.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

To increase productivity or creativity of your business and to attract more clients we help you to provide them clean, tidy, and healthy office environment. Our experts clean your office space and give a professional look that will impress your clients. It will assure a fresh and productive working environment for your employees. We train our staff to clean with consistent attention in detail. That way, we can give you the same high-quality service every time.


15% discount with first time booking

How it works

All the office rooms.

  • Window sill
  • Vacuum on floor and carpet
  • Skirting where possible
  • Mirror, door handle
  • Table and chair
  • Projector and presentation board
  • Remove the trash


  • Clean the toilet seat from inside and outside
  • Fill the soap, hand paper, and toilet paper
  • Lamp
  • Vacuum the floor and mope


  • Table, chairs, microwave
  • Workbench clean the lamp
  • Dish machine from outside
  • Vacuum and mop(If required)

We provide the cleaning services in Jönköping and the surrounding area.

Price- 199 kr/hr (After RUT deduction). Contact us for the right price by sending the free quote.